An Interesting Discovery

Last week, while perusing the Minnesota Sheltie Rescue‘s Facebook page, I learned about Rosie and Abbott. I immediately recognized the context of the photos as being identical to Lady, so I figured they must be two more of the Missouri Shelties. I wrote them a note to ask, and heard back from Karen Marquardt there, who said that they were definitely from that group of rescues. Small world! Poor Rosie came to them with heartworms and a whole host of other problems. It’s amazing though, what a good bath, some grooming, and a bunch of TLC will do! Here are their “before and afters”.

Rosie's Mugshot--Day of Intake

Rosie after three months in a foster home!

Abbott's Mugshot

Abbott, after three months in a foster home. Same dog!

If you are interested in giving Rosie or Abbott a forever home, get in touch with the great folks at the Minnesota Sheltie Rescue!



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3 responses to “An Interesting Discovery

  1. Rose Mary Green

    Hi, I am a volunteer with Second Chance Sheltie Rescue. I was so happy to see the “after” pictures of the Sheties from last October. I helped with the transport of them, taking two to Minnesota, and one to Indiana.

  2. Thanks, Rose Mary! I love seeing the progress they make from a dirty little ragamuffin, don’t you? 🙂

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