Bits and Pieces

Some good news to report–Lady has been coming across the room for treats! Especially hot dogs–her favorite! OK, know, not the healthiest thing in the world, but I usually get her some low fat turkey dogs just so she’s not getting too many extra calories while I try to spoil this dog into trusting me! If I open the door to her crate and then go to either the living room or kitchen, she will cautiously tiptoe over to snatch her treat and then run back to her crate. She also wags her tail a bunch more when she sees me, which is SO heartwarming when I think back to when we first met her and I would have sworn her tail was glued between her back legs.

We’ve discovered that she does seem to have a bit of storm anxiety, since the only time she has peed in her crate over the last couple weeks has been during a thunderstorm. (Which we’ve had a lot of lately–welcome to summer in the Midwest!)

Her fur is growing in more and more–I’ll have to take more pictures this weekend. In fact, the other day I was walking her down the street and stopped to wonder whether she’s gaining weight or if her fur is just making her look fluffy! Believe it or not, despite her terrible living conditions prior to being rescued, this little mama actually weighed more than Murphy, and he is a MUCH taller sheltie. Probably the lack of exercise and not getting good quality food. (Plus, in her defense, we girls KNOW all about baby weight, right?) She had lost a few pounds while she was at the shelter, but all the treats she gets might be creeping up on her again. And if she does in fact have a collapsing trachea, she would be much better off at a lower weight. So I’m doing some reading on whether I should switch her to a lower calorie dog food, or just supplement her current food with some veggies. I feel like she still needs something as nutriently dense as possible. She still has the cough (I have her on a low dose of the steroids right now, which helps), and she kind of wheezes when she’s outside, especially in our current humid weather. So, exercise isn’t really a good option for her weight loss efforts right now–it will have to be mostly done by decreasing her calories.

No more barking lately….at least not for food. I guess she was barking in her sleep the other day. I wonder what she dreams about that would prompt her to bark, when she doesn’t do it when she’s awake???? Hmmm….

Well,  that’s all the exciting news for today! I’ll try to get some new pictures up soon!


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