July Dose of Furry Cuteness

Who in the world told you I would look good in bows?????

Lesson learned this month–Lady doesn’t care for bows. After her bath one day, I thought I’d try to spiff her up a little bit. Cute, right? I left the room for a minute, and came back to find one bow on the cushion next to her. I figured maybe she had an itch or something and had scratched it out, so I put the bow back in, and she settled down for a nap. I was right there next to her, folding laundry (or some other such domestic-goddess duty….) and she was fine. An hour or so later, I left the room again for no more than a couple minutes, and when I came back, both bows were laying on the cushion. The little stinker waited for me to leave the room so she could ditch the bows and hoped I wouldn’t notice! Don’t let that innocent face fool you!

In other news, the potty training has still been frustrating. So I came to the conclusion that right now, getting her to socialize a bit more with the family is more important than expecting her to never have an accident in the house at this stage in her life. Thank goodness for washable doggie diapers! I had purchased some of the disposable ones before, but they were too small and impossible to get on her! The washable ones have velcro on them, so if I have to reseal them a few times, I’m not wasting sticky tape. I bought the Petco brand that comes two in a box, and they seem to fit really well. So now I can close the door to her crate when we come back inside from pottying, put a diaper on her, and then she’s forced to stay out and be a part of family activities when I’m not at work.

Other than that, we’re still just watching her take baby steps towards improvement. Sometimes it’s hard to see progress unless you really look hard, but I knew it would be a long slow road. She seems content enough just to have a nice place to nap and some good food! (Mostly food!) I would just love to see her play a little bit. Poor baby….she’s had a hard life.

Cute, cute, cute!


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