My Little Pudge

Here are a couple pictures of Lady from last night. She was out of her crate and all perky-eared because I had her favorite treat–turkey hot dogs!

I can haz hot dawgz?

I think the Temaril P (the steroid she’s taking for her cough and itching)  is causing her to get a bit pudgy. Especially combined with her lack of exercise and the treats. Definitely time to cut back a bit! It’s been so dang hot outside, that even taking her out to potty has her panting. I’m hoping that once fall gets here and it’s cooler out, we can go for some walks.

OK, I'll smile if you just give me a hot dog!

The doggie diapers are helping me to feel a little less stressed about having her out of her crate without me needing to watch her like a hawk. The funny thing was, one day last week, she wet her diaper, and then took it off in her crate! I found it sitting next to her. I’m not quite sure how she did that, but she looked quite proud of herself!

Another day, I was working in the kitchen, and Murphy was right next to me, hoping I’d drop something yummy. All of a sudden, I heard a little rustle in Murphy’s dish–Lady had tiptoed over, snatched a bit of his food, and scurried back to her crate! So at least she’s starting to feel a little more comfortable exploring around. I don’t have the heart to tell her it’s naughty to steal her brother’s food!



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