Good News For Rosie…

If you read this old post from several months ago, I mentioned how I found two of Lady’s old pals from the puppy mill residing with foster families from the wonderful folks at the Minnesota Sheltie Rescue. Rosie arrived in rescue with tons of serious medical problems caused by her many years of neglect, but after lots and lots of care and love, she was ready for adoption. Well, a couple weeks ago, I found out that Rosie found her forever home with a wonderful, caring family! How exciting! Abbott is still in a foster home though, so if anyone out there is looking for a really adorable sable boy, check out his bio on their site.

I’ll be the first one to tell you that adopting a puppy mill rescue is an unpredictable project! You just never know how far they will or won’t progress. But I will say that you will find in yourself more patience than you thought you had, if you let it be so! And you learn to appreciate the little things along the way that you’d never thing twice about in a “normal” dog.

In other news, Lady has been wanting to spend more time outside her crate lately! She doesn’t venture far, but she will come out on her own and then curl up for another nap right NEXT to her crate. Too funny! Last weekend my daughter and I let her and Murphy ride along in the car while we ran errands. While we were out, we stopped at Wendy’s, so I let the dogs have a few bites of hamburger. She must have liked it, because that night when I brought her a bowl of crunchies for dinner, she tried to turn the bowl over with her nose and gave me a look like, “Hey, where did that other good stuff go?”  Can’t say that I blame her, actually…..




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