Happy New Year!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an update, so here’s what we’ve been up to the last couple months. Lady had her first Christmas in a “real home”. Not that she probably cared, but I fussed over her just the same! She even got a can of Merrick’s dog food and some treats in her stocking. Of course, we made her pose for pictures to mark the occasion…..



This is really taking things a little too far....

But the most fun was posing for the annual family Christmas photo, which was especially challenging this year with TWO shelties! (We didn’t even attempt to get the cats in there this time…) After several tries, we actually got a great picture, with everyone looking quite pleasant!

The Official 2010 Family Christmas Photo


Yes, they both got treats afterwards for being such good dogs!

On a subject that is less filled with holiday cheer, right around New Year’s, I realized that Lady had developed roundworms, so that meant another $100 trip to the vet by the time we came home with medicine for both Lady and Murphy. (Just in case he picked them up too…) Geez, and I thought children were expensive!

Well, that is about all that has happened here lately! Right now the little pudge is sitting up here on the couch with me, looking all sleepy and cozy. Oh wait…she’s always sleepy and cozy! Poor dog…


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